Good Attitudes…


“Good attitudes are like fine China.  They are nice to have, but pointless unless used.”

Ahh… The finer things in life.  Whether because we are drawn to nicer things or because of the theories defined by Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, we all desire to build and add to our lives.  It isn’t wrong to want better for our own situations.

Do you remember those place-settings your mother or grandmother had that were always on display but rarely, if ever, used for their purpose – eating off of?  Like Fine China, our attitudes are often reserved and placed on display.  Some of us have learned how and when to use them; others have not.

As a leader, your attitude often affects the attitudes of those who work for you.  If you are having an off day, your employees will not only see this but likely model it as well – less productive, decreased safety, minimal effectiveness.  However, if you work to not only display your good attitudes but use them openly with your employees, it can be just as infectious  – more productive, increased awareness and safety, maximized effectiveness.

Employees often model what is displayed and given to them.  What are you providing, today, to your employees?  As a leader, your attitude can better the situations of those who work for you.  If you are merely putting your good attitudes on the shelf waiting for the opportune moment to take it out, you have already missed the occasion!

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